Slow Combustion Wood Stoves

Founded in 1959, Hergom is today one of the main manufactures of hearth products worldwide.  Through more than half a century, Hergom has gained success and experience in developing wood and biomass heating appliances, focusing on natural fuels, through research, development and improvement of the efficiency of our products.

Fabricated entirely of top-quality grey cast iron shaped in a modern state-of-the-art moulding plant, our line of stoves sets the bar for quality.  Exclusive design features ensure each appliance is economical and safe, providing clean and complete combustion for warmth you can trust.  Our stoves are as beautiful as they are functional – with optimized fire viewing areas and distinctive character down to the last detail.

White cast iron interiors:

Enjoy the durability and efficiency of cast iron, and the beautiful glow of the flame thanks to the heat-storage white cast iron firebox lining.